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What’s New
Throw away that old crossbar linkage and end the misery of hard to synchronize carburetors.  Our Linkage is the most precise and easy to adjust system available.
The most versatile and effective cooling system for a Type 4 engine is available exclusively from Tangerine Racing Products.  This is a complete bolt-on kit including everything necessary for easy installation.  Lightweight cast magnesium impeller, CNC billet aluminum pulleys, hand formed aluminum shroud.  Optional surround tin seals the 914 engine compartment.
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Horizontal Cooling System
The Tangerine Racing Shift Linkage Kit greatly improves ease and precision of shifting. Everything needed to replace the stock shift rod from the firewall to the transmission is included. The kit works with stock or aftermarket shifters (such as the Rennshift).
Shift Linkage Kit
For sideshift linkage. Put an end to time consuming procedures that often end in disapointment. Our precision adjuster makes perfect shift linkage alignments quick, easy and repeatable.
Precision Shift Adjuster
Our pressure relief valve replaces the stock assembly located in the bottom of the crankcase. It eliminates the oil cooler bypass in the stock oil circuit and raises the peak operating pressure to 70psi.
Type 4 Oil Pressure Relief Valve
50 State US Shipping Included
Functions like the factory 914-6 hand throttle but mounts differently on the tunnel.  No interference with center console or with Rennshift. This unit is perfect for warming up carbed and fuel injected 4 cylinder engines as well as 6 cyl conversions.
Hand Throttle for Engine Warm-up
The repair kit includes a new beryllium copper diaphragm.
If your MPS won't hold vacuum any more, this is just what the doctor ordered.
MPS Diaphragm Kit
Our Tuning Kit is highly recommended in conjunction with a wideband O2 sensor.
48 State US Shipping included
Cable Throttle Linkage Stainless Pushrod Tubes
Our T304 stainless pushrod tubes have machined O-ring grooves, properly designed for optimum sealing without need for teflon paste or other messy gasket compounds.
Fuel Pump Mount
Use this mount when updating early 914 to late style 2 port Bosch fuel injection pump. Locate on the firewall or below the steering rack. Welded or riveted installation.
$139.95, 50 State US Shipping Included
$89.95, 50 State US  Shipping Included
Includes clamp for pump and rivets for weld-free installation.
$299.95, 50 State US Shipping Included
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Custom Length
2 Liiter Exhaust Flanges for replacing steel flanges on early SSI Heat Exchangers. Laser cut 1/4” thick T304 Stainless.
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$239.95, 50 State US Shipping Included
$79.95, 50 State US shipping included
$329.95, 50 State US Shipping included
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