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Transmission & Rear Axle
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These are new Lobro German Type 1 CV Joints adapted for use in 914 rear axle assemblies.  The CV has a machined step for the stock gasket so it will compress properly and not squeeze out.
CV Joints
CV Joint 12 Point Socket Wrench Complete Rear Axle Assembly
Ever wonder why you can't get rid of the vibration in your rear wheels even though the wheels have been re-balanced? The factory alloy wheels can easily be mounted off-center by as much as 1/16", causing an irritating vibration. Our Hub Centering Rings completely eliminate the problem. The wheel stays on the hub even with no bolts!           (more)
Rear Wheel Hub Centering Rings
Clutch Cable Insulating Sleeve
For sideshift linkage. Our spherical bearing works with the stock sideshift tunnel rod.  The support housing fits all chassis’ with NO modification necessary. Sideshift firewall boot fits. (more)  
The bearing is retained by a snap ring, allowing easy replacement when the time comes many years in the future.  (Replacement bearings are available for $22.50 + S&H)
Shift Rod Bearing (for sideshift transmissions)
  $16.50 ea.
  You need this tool to remove and install the original CV Joint bolts as well as the bolts which come with our replacement CV's. 3/8" drive tool for your ratchet fits special 8mm bolts with 12 point socket head.
$21.95, US Shipping Included
A reflective insulating sleeve to protect your clutch cable or other cables and hoses from exhaust heat.  Made of fiberglass with an aluminized outer layer and high temperature adhesive for closure.  3/4" ID, 18" Long
Relocates the clutch pulley to a horizontal position for better ground clearance and improved cable routing to clear exhaust header systems.  Two sets of mounting holes allow adjustment for clutch cables that are too long, a common problem.
Clutch Pulley Adapter
$109.95/pair, 50 State US Shipping included
New axle shafts and new CV Joints, pre-assembled and greased. Supplied with or without the stub axle already attached. Core charge applies - refunded when we receive your old axle assembly.
The Tangerine Racing Shift Linkage Kit (for sideshift transmissions) greatly improves ease and precision of shifting! Everything needed to replace the stock shift rod from the firewall to the transmission is included. The kit works with stock or aftermarket shifters (such as the Rennshift).
Shift Linkage Kit
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Put an end to time consuming procedures that often end in disapointment. Our precision adjuster makes perfect shift linkage alignments quick, easy and repeatable.
Precision Shift Adjuster
Our fabricated assembly replaces the cast fork located below the shift lever in the cockpit. The precision worm and gear components prevent any unwanted changes from occuring when the clamping bolt is loosened. A 13mm sockeet and a small allen wrench are the only tools required to make the desired adjustment in a minute or less. Works great with a stock shifter or with Rennshift!
$239.95, 50 State Shipping  Incl.
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