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Rotates 360 degrees.  Custom end brackets made to fit early and late 914 chassis. Makes chassis repairs and painting much easier.  Sturdy design. Rolls easily on large swivel casters.  Stores compactly on its wheels.  Casters and Long Center Tube (1 1/2" Sch. 40 Pipe)  not included.
Attaches to most floor jacks.  Balances the engine and transmission together. Easily and safely lift the assembly into place by yourself. Center hole clears "tuna can" deep sump.   Powder coated orange. (not for 6 cyl engines) $149.95, Includes US Shipping
914-4 Engine/Transmission Lifting Plate
Maintains door gap during chassis  restoration.  Allows doors to remain in place & closed.   Extension Pieces for attachment to shoulder harness mount.  Left &  right hand threads for easy adjustment.  May be pre-loaded to  compensate for welding shrinkage. Welded plates hide behind speakers.
Adjustable Chassis Braces
Use this tool to keep your halfshafts out of the way whenever the engine and transmission are removed for an extended time. Acts as an open differential so your car will roll smoothly without the axles bouncing or binding. Mounts to the transmission crossmember. No need to use bungees or other questionable hanging methods.  Not suitable for towing!
US Shipping Included (48 states)
  $199.95, 48 State US shipping included
2 Braces with Weld-on Brackets and Extension Rods - $239.95
Axle Support Tool 914 Chassis Rotisserie
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Full Kit: 4 Braces with Brackets and Extension Rods - $439.95
Currently Unavailable. (Shipping Wt 150lbs)
Engine Dolly
Transmission Wrench
In Development
Available by Special Order
914 Tools
Holds Transmission Input Shaft at the Clutch Disc Splines. Helps during assembly/disassembly.