Rust Repair
Even the best kept 914s may suffer from rot in hidden places. At CFR we’ve been involved in automotive metal repair for more than 24years.
Due to the retirement of my service technician after 11 years, I will only be accepting general repair work on a case by case basis for the foreseeable future.
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Repair and rebuilding of 4 and 6 cylinder 914 engines. High performance Type 4 engine builds. Crankcase align boring. Installation, tuning and maintenance of Weber carbs,          Stock Fuel Injection and aftermarket EFI systems.
CFR can provide complete fabrication services for your special Porsche 914 project! Performance modifications, oil cooler installations, engine conversions, custom exhaust systems, 915 transmissions, full roll cages, etc.
Complete race car fabrication services available for SCCA, PCA, Vintage Racing of 914s.
Fender Flare Installation. 916 Hardtops. Chassis & Body Metal Repairs.
Our specialized services include Front Strut Raised Spindles, Trailing Arm Bushing installation, and Deluxe Trailing Arm Upgrade with 911 e-Brake.