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The Tangerine Racing 914 has been raced continuously with SCCA and PCA since 1995.  It was debuted at the ITB support race on the Busch North race weekend at Lime Rock in September, 1994.  During qualifying the car was wrecked in a crash at West Bend which resulted in the engine breaking free from its mounts.  Despite an all-night attempt to repair the car for race day it was not capable of being driven at speed, the suspension and drive train damage being greater than was first obvious. The following spring the car was out on the opening day Porsche Club Driver Ed at Lime Rock.  It was then raced as an ITB car in the SCCA NARRC series, with Chris finishing more than 30 races in two years.  Most of the 1997 race season was spent upgrading the car to Production category specifications.  A couple of races were run late in the season to test the upgrades, which included a new cooling system and dry sump oiling. Chris won the NARRC Regional Championship for E Production cars in 1998.  The car was moved to F Production and Chris won Regional championships again in '00 and '01. Stepping up to National competition in 2003, Chris won the Spring National race at Lime Rock in the rain and earned an invitation to the National Championship Runoffs at the MId Ohio Sports Car Course. There he qualified 21st and finished 14th. Speed TV coverage focused on Chris' last lap of the race when he was embroiled in a battle for position with a Lancia Scorpion driven by Sterling Strittmatter. One week after the 2003 Runoffs, the car was badly damaged again in a high speed crash at Lime Rock during NARRC Regional Championship qualifying.  Chris was uninjured but the car was laid up until July '04 when he resumed National competition.  The '04 season saw Chris once again attend the National Runoffs at MId- Ohio where he finished 15th. At the '04 NARRC Championships Chris won his class, setting a new personal best time at Lime Rock of 1:01.4. 2005 looked at the outset like it would be a very competetive season for Tangerine Racing, with substantial performance updates and a professional engine sponsor. Unfortunately, the 180hp sponsored engine was unavailable for most of the season and the team finished only 4th in divisional points.  The National Runoffs didn’t end any better than the rest of the season had gone. Incidents in qualifying and at the start of the race resulted in Chris not completing even one lap of the race and the car returned home with significant damage.