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Stainless Steel Replacement Fuel Line Sets AN Fittings Welded on our Fuel Lines Packages available for all applications! 30R9 Fuel Hose,  Fuel Injection Elbows Hose Clamps, Fuel Filters, Grommets
  CV Joints         Rear Axle assemblies Shift Linkage Kit    Precision Shift Adjuster Firewall Shift Rod Bearing Rear Wheel Hub Centering Rings Clutch Cable Pulley Adapter
Tangerine EVO Systems for 914-4 and 914-6 EVO IV and EVO Six Silencers 912E and Type 4 Upright Conversion Exhaust Systems Heat Exchanger Kit for Tangerine EVO Headers Type 4 Stainless Stub Pipes
Floor Pan Triangles       Door Sills Trailing Arm Console Repair Sleeve
Type 4 Engine Lift Plate Halfshaft Support for Rolling Chassis Chassis Rotisserie   Transmission Wrench
Master Cylinder Brace    930 Caliper Adapter 911 e-Brake Conversion Adapter Cables KFP Magnum Brake Pads
At CFR our focus is on Porsche 914 enhanced performance modifications.  We strive to produce high quality, well thought out products that will enhance your driving experience on the street and on the track.  Our products are designed and fabricated in-house!
Early 914 Passenger Seat Upgrade Kit Bolt-on GT Headlight Bracket Hand Throttle Kit Seat Adjuster Handle Delrin Steering Coupler Grill Spatula
Aluminum Headlight Covers Tangerine Signature Fender Flares
Front & Rear Mounting Brackets Heavy Duty Anti-Sway Bar Kits