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Custom Work
3.6 Liter
3.2 Liter
Six Cylinder Conversions
Aerocatch Hood Pins
Headlight Buckets Deleted
Frame for Hardtop
916 Style Hardtop
GT Headlight Kit Installation
Custom Fuel Injection Installs
Boxster Brake Upgrade
RJ Engine Mount Installation
Louvered Panel for Oil Cooler
Semi Tube Frame
Dual Throttle Body D-Jet
Chassis Stiffening Kit
WEVO 915 Conversion 
 Vellios 915 Conversion
914-4 Turbo Exhaust
Dual Fan Pack Oil Cooler
The 914 is an excellent platform for enhancements and modifications.  We’ve been working with 914s for over 30 years. CFR is Custom Fabrication and Repair.
Custom Racing Exhausts
Custom Gauge Installations