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The Tangerine is hands down the best overall item I have installed on the car. In addition to being the optimal performance enhancement it looks good too - header artistry. I get positive comments quite often. I went to an old car gathering about a month ago that included a number of older Porsches and their owners. I never make a big deal about my E, just park and enjoy myself. Well, before I knew it about 5 or 6 of those old guys were on the ground looking underneath my car checking out the Tangerine! Several commented on what a piece of work it is and asked me to let them hear it run. It was cool. There was an older factory mechanic  there - very familiar with the E - he recognized the heat exchanger for what it was and was very impressed. Fred Hurst 912E owner
Hi Chris, I thought I would let you know the package has arrived today. It was well packed and I have received it in good order. I’m impressed by the quality of the parts, thanks for going through the trouble of shipping it to the Netherlands. Hope to do business with you again in the future! Thanks again, Jacco de Haan 914 owner
Hi Chris just wanted to thank you and compliment your awesome chassis reinforcement kit solutions. As you know I bought the Rear Suspension Inner Console Reinforcement Kit and the Rear Pickup Points Reinforcing Kit so my 914 would be able to stand up to the seriuos rigours of off road rally racing here in the UK. I've now been running the car in the British Historic Rally Championship for the past 3 years and can feedback to you that your products were of the highest quality and have enabled the chassis to endure the heaviest punishment I think any 914 can take. If all out off-road racing can't break a product nothing can. Thanks for what you do and keep up the good work. Richard Morgan (Moggy) 914 rally car owner
Just wanted to tell you that the new website looks awesome! Thanks to your innovative genius/ amazing products we’ll be rockin’ the hopeless 911’s in N. Cal. Keep up the great work. John Somers 914 race car owner
Honestly, the Tangerine setup provides a sound that produces a grin that you can't wipe off with a handful of $100 bills!  John Perry
Chris, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful shift linkage setup. I got it installed on the car this last weekend and was blown away by how precise and notchy the shifting felt with the stock (well, stock with lengthened lower arm) shifter. I’ve had a friend drive the car, and his first response to it was that it felt on-par with a nice 911 with a rennshifter. That to me, is an awesome proof of concept. So far I’ve been driving around with it for the past couple of days and its really sweet. Keep up the good work and hope you guys have a good New year! Ethan Kuhl
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