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About Us
CFR Welding was opened in 1988 as a general welding business.  In 1998 CFR began manufacturing the Tangerine EVO high performance 914-4 and 912E exhaust systems.  In 2006 we shifted our focus entirely onto the 914, and our operations moved to a new, much larger location in Manchester, CT.  
Chris Foley Owner, CFR-Tangerine Racing Products
I’ve been driving and working on Porsche 914s for more than 30 years and have extensive experience both auto- crossing and road racing. In 1995 I began road racing my Tangerine 914 in the SCCA.  Check out the Racing Gallery for more about Tangerine Racing.     
Today CFR-Tangerine Racing Products, LLC manufactures many products for repair and performance enhancement of 914s.  We provide in-house 914 repair services, restorations, race preparation, and custom work. All our staff are longtime aircooled VW and Porsche enthusiasts. Please browse the Products and the Services pages  to see how we can help you repair, restore, or upgrade your vintage aircooled Porsche.